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Our Top 6 Goals for a Period Proud Wales

Making Wales period proud is one of my priorities as Minister of Social Justice. This week, we launched our A Period Proud Wales plan which is all about promoting a cultural change around periods.

Nobody should be ashamed, embarrassed or disadvantaged because of their period. Our vision is to eradicate period poverty and end all stigma around periods. 

Read more to find out our top goals for a period proud Wales…

1. Periods are fully understood, accepted and a normalised topic of conversation.

  • The stigma, taboos and myths which exist, through educational resources, will be challenged, resulting in a Wales were no one is ashamed or embarrassed about periods. They can speak openly and confidently about them, whether they have periods or do not.
  • Everyone will fully understand their period and know what is normal for them.

2. Period products are available for all, ending period poverty.

  • There will be an easy, respectful and open access to good quality and safe products of personal choice, when and where necessary, helping people manage their period in privacy, with dignity and in a healthy way.
  • Free period products will continue to be available in every school in Wales and across a range of community venues including (but not limited to) food banks, libraries, leisure centres, family centres, community hubs and youth services.
  • Nobody will be forced to miss school, work or sport due to not having access to period products (watch our video with Celtic Dragon’s Netball Team below).

3. Cycles are understood.

  • Understanding of periods will extend beyond the bleeding part of the cycle to the whole menstrual cycle, recognising that women, girls and people who have periods experience cycle-related impacts (physical and psychological) and needs throughout their cycles.
  •  Women, girls and people who have periods will know how best to manage their period to ensure it does not negatively impact their life.

4. Menopause is understood.

  • How the potential impact of periods and how they may change during the peri-menopause, menopause and as a result of broader health issues will be widely understood. The impact of these will be responded to safely and non-judgmentally within education, employment and health-based settings.

5. Health-based services.

  • Women, girls and people who have periods feel able to access health-based services around their period and related matters, and are confident that these services will be sensitive and informed by sex and gender.
  • They will be confident to seek help and medical advice, if necessary and do not face health inequalities when seeking medical advice or help.
  • The historic normalisation of what might be medically concerning symptoms in relation to periods is challenged.

6. A broader range of period products are in use.

  • Limiting the negative environmental impact of many disposable products.
  • A better understanding of all the different types of products available, their correct use and disposal, and freedom to choose the most appropriate product.

Jane Hutt, Minister for Social Justice

Darllenwch y dudalen hon yn y Gymraeg.


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